How To Stand Out With Personalized Products

A lot of times, when people think about printing things, they think about posters, flyers, brochures and more. It is easy to forget the fact that printing is not only limited to paper. If you take a step back and look around you, you may be surprised that even your mug, your bag or even the koozee you may be using is a printed product to promote brands and businesses. If you are looking for creative ways to promote your business, you have come to the right place. Here are some ideas for your business to stand out with personalized products.

Hand Our Freebies because Everyone Loves Them

Giving out free gifts may seem like such an obvious thing to do, but the challenge faced by many business owners is that they do not know what to give out. The point of giving out these freebies is to get your brand name out there, and to increase the public’s exposure to the brand. As such, business owners should focus on giving out personalized free gifts that are practical. When the items you give out is practical, people will start to use them, which will increase the amount of exposure your brand name gets.

One thing you can consider giving out is koozees. Koozees are can sleeves which can help to keep drinks cool, and is the perfect free gift to give out as it is both practical and can be customized to publicize your brand name. Furthermore, it is made of good quality and can last a long time, and will serve as a long-term reminder of your brand every time people reach for the koozees to use.

Put the Brand Name on Clothes

Another creative way to stand out with personalized products is to put the brand name on clothes and sell the clothes. However, if you intend to do so, you must ensure that the clothes have an attractive design otherwise people will not be wearing the clothes out. If you are thinking about delving into this line, then the most practical way to do it would be to make clothes that can be used all year round, no matter the season or the weather. This includes t-shirts and hoodies that are fashionable, comfortable and that show off the brand name.

Print Name on Everyday Items

Leaving your mark on everyday items that people use at home is another great idea. These items, like glassware, placemats, and even koozees have very practical uses, and are used by people almost everyday. When the public uses these items so often, your brand name will start to get ingrained in their minds, which is good for achieving publicity for your business.

If you are looking to help your business stand out with personalized products, look no further than Koozee Crazee. We are able to help customize coasters and koozees, and our design team can accommodate special design requests. If you do not have your own custom design, you can also choose from our range of ready-made templates. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our custom koozees today!
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Creative Ways To Use Coasters At Your Wedding

Wedding coasters are a great addition to a wedding reception, especially if they are customized. If you are a wedding planner who is planning a wedding for your client, you are probably thinking of ways to make the entire event even more special and memorable for them. Coasters are a creative item that are aesthetic and practical in weddings, making them extremely fun and exciting to incorporate into your client’s special day. Read on to find out more about creative ways you can use coasters at your wedding!

Customize Coasters with a Message

With customized coasters that hold messages to guests, it will definitely bring an extra touch and connect the guests to the bride and groom. This can not only engage wedding guests, but also serve a very practical use in helping people to keep track whose drink belongs to who.

Customize Coasters with a Delicious Cocktail Recipe

Another creative way to use coasters at a wedding is to serve guests a delicious cocktail, with the recipe written on the coaster. The bride and groom can choose to serve guests their favorite cocktails, or even hire mixologists to customize drinks for their guests. Either way, printing a cocktail recipe on a coaster that your client is going to give their guests is a cute and fun idea. Guests will definitely remember the couple every time they make the cocktail for their own enjoyment.

Customize Coasters with Song Lyrics

When you choose to customize coasters with song lyrics for your clients, be sure to pick out songs that are meaningful and that represent great love. It could even be the couple’s favorite song, or the song they feel best represents their relationship. Make things even more exciting by customizing different lyrics on coasters. This makes it fun for guests to compare with each other which song lyrics they have received. Even if there are extra coasters, the couple can bring them home to their home bar or even give them to other people who could not be there to celebrate their big day with them.

Customize Coasters with the Couple’s Wedding Hashtag

One of the best ways to customize coasters is to include the couple’s wedding hashtag. This also serves as a reminder to use the hashtag when guests take videos and pictures of the wedding, which makes it easier for the couple to see the photos and videos taken of them after the event is over. Furthermore, it serves as a good memento for guests and the couple, and each time people use this coaster, they will be reminded of the couple’s love.

Custom coasters are a great way to spice up and elevate a wedding. Other ideas that wedding planners may consider are wedding koozees, which are can sleeves that can help to keep drinks cool. Koozees can also be customized in many ways, and are made of very durable material which means that they will be sure to last a long time. At Koozee Crazee, we provide custom coaster and koozees, and are able to accommodate special design requests to ensure that the couple gets the coasters or koozees of their dreams when they work with us. Feel free to check us out today!

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Determining How Many Koozees To Order For Your Wedding

Are you thinking about ordering koozees for your client’s wedding but are unsure of how many you should get? There are many things that wedding planners will need to consider and take into account, such as the number of door gifts like wedding koozees to order. Read on to find out more about how you can determine the number of koozees to order for your client’s wedding! 

Rule of Thumb for Ordering 

When you try to decide the number of koozees to order, the general rule of thumb is to order 10% more than the number of guests who have RSVP-ed for the wedding. This is to be on the safe side and ensure that there is a sufficient amount to give out to everybody. At the end of the day, it is okay even if there are a few extras here and there. This is much better than not having enough to give everyone and having your client stress about the lack of door gifts on the day itself. 

Although 10% may be a random number, there is some logic and thought behind it. If you are still worried, here is a reference guide you can follow when ordering koozees for your client’s wedding. 

Guide to Number of Koozees to Order 

If your client has a small wedding of about 25 guests, you should order about 28 koozees. If your client has a large wedding of about 100 guests, order 110 koozees. Of course, the number of koozees you order will vary from person to person, such as if your client wants to keep some koozees for themselves, or if they want to send it to people who could not make it for the event on the day itself. No matter what, you should always order more koozees than the number of guests that are going to show up, so that there will be no panic or tension over lost koozees on the special day, or guests who turn up for the wedding last minute. 

Furthermore, sometimes guests want extra wedding favors, and people who did not attend the wedding may request for one as well. Occasionally, people may not want the favour as well, so you could consider planning for a table with the wedding favours or wedding koozees, and leave it up to the guests whether they want to bring it home or not.  

Why are Koozees Great for Weddings? 

Wedding koozees are a great idea as a wedding favor, especially if your wedding is held outdoors, and if cold drinks or alcohol are served at your wedding. With good quality koozees, guests who drink a lot may be tempted to take more than one. These koozees can help to keep drinks cool, and are a cute and aesthetic addition to the wedding. Koozees can also be customized in many ways, and clients can choose their favorite colors and custom designs to print on the koozees as a memento for guests to take home. 

Furthermore, these koozees will not break the bank, and are affordable even when purchased in bulk. As such, this makes koozees a great idea for weddings. If you are thinking about ordering koozees in bulk for your client’s wedding, feel free to check out Koozee Crazee. We have ready templates for you to choose from, and our design team is also able to accommodate special design requests. Contact us today to help your client design the best koozee for their wedding!

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Add These Items To Your Event Gift Bag

If you are in charge of planning an event, one of the things on your mind may be what you should include into the event gift bag. Of course, you would want to add practical and delightful things that will make the day of recipients. Furthermore, the items in your event gift bag will reflect the brand you are representing as well. It is important to choose items that attendees can actually use in real life, while exposing people to your brand. Here are some interesting items you can include in your event gift bag. 

Free of Charge Headshots 

If it is a professional event or conference, you could consider giving away professional headshots, making it extremely practical for attendees of the event. Furthermore, everyone needs headshots, and it is something good to have. Setting up photo booths to take head shots are great for corporate conferences or networking events. 

Eye Masks 

If the event you are planning is a health or beauty event, eye masks are a useful gift to pack for your attendees. Eye masks are practical and can help one get a good rest by blocking out the light. Furthermore, it also helps with publicity when eventgoers wear these eye masks on public places like when they travel on a plane. Just be sure that the eye mask you are going to include is made of good quality! 

Portable Chargers 

In this day and age, smartphones are indispensable. People are constantly texting, checking emails, and using the navigation system on their phone, which means that the battery on their smartphones probably depletes really quickly. This is especially so in an event, where people want to use social media to take pictures and videos of the event. As such, including portable chargers eliminate the need for eventgoers to find somewhere to charge their phones, and is a very thoughtful gift. 

Scratch and Win Games 

In order to build up anticipation for the event, you could consider including scratch and win games where visitors try their luck at winning certain prizes. Remember to advertise the potential prizes that participants can get in order to encourage more people to join in the fun. This is great for events like expos and tradeshows. 

Self-Care Kits 

Life can get hectic and busy, so in the midst of all these activities it is important to be able to relax and de-stress. Self-care kits are great for that. They can include things like coloring books, candles, colored pencils and more. Such gifts are good for relaxing and calming events, such as retreats or yoga events.


Another great idea is to throw in some koozees into the event bag. Not only are they practical in keeping drinks cool, but they are also very affordable, especially when bought in bulk. These koozees can be customized to any color and design and can even feature the brand’s name. This increases the brand’s exposure to the public when people use it outdoors. 

If you are interested in adding koozees into your event bag, feel free to contact us. Here at Koozee Crazee, we offer good quality koozees at an affordable rate. We also have an in-house design team that will be able to accommodate special requests.

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Corporate Gifting Ideas To Consider

When the holiday seasons come around, companies may think about sending corporate gifts to clients and employees to thank them for the hard work they have contributed for the past year. Usually, typical gifts the companies send to other corporate places include custom cookies, fruit arrangements, floral bouquets and more. Since now many offices are emptier as a result of the pandemic, corporate gifting has become a bit more challenging. Read on to find out more about some corporate gifting ideas to consider in order to spread joy while staying safe. 

Gifts that are Department Specific 

One way to get around giving practical gifts to clients is to ask the department managers what the department is most in need of now. If the work requires employees to be constantly looking at a screen, perhaps some gifts that encourage self-care like soap, succulent deliveries or even cute socks can help to make an employees’ day. 

Gift Cards  

Gift cards are also a very practical option, as both employees and clients are able to choose what they want for themselves. Send them gift cards to meaningful places that are both practical and delightful for recipients. This is also the perfect chance to support local businesses by sending others gift cards to these businesses. You can consider gift cards to restaurants, food places, book stores, furniture shops and more. 

Charitable Gifts 

Another meaningful gift to consider is charitable gifts and giving back to society. If your company and your clients are united by a certain beneficiary or cause, then a meaningful gift would be to extend a charitable donation to that organization, such as donating to them or organizing an event for them. It could be a virtual event that involves volunteers, like a food drive or clothing drive. 

Give Employees Time Off 

According to research done by Harvard Business School, employees are getting burnt out more easily during the pandemic as it is more difficult to draw a line between work and rest. One gift that employees would definitely love is the gift of time- giving employees a few more days off in December, or encouraging them to clear their leave could be the best gift to them. 

Gift your Clients and Employees Koozees

Another cute idea would be to gift your employees and clients customized koozees. These koozees can help to keep drinks cool, and are the perfect gift that will brighten up recipients’ days especially since it shows recipients you are thinking of them. Koozees are also great for the holiday season, and can be customized in any way you like. Koozee Crazee sells customized koozies in bulk, and companies are able to send in special requests to the design team at Koozee Crazee. The design team will also be able to accommodate special requests. If companies are not sure about what designs to get, Koozee Crazee has a range of ready-made templates for customers to choose from. 

After a complicated year full of changes and challenges, sending a small present to employees and clients can mean a lot to them. If you are interested in sending customized koozees to your clients and employees, feel free to contact Koozee Crazee today! 

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A Brief History Of The Koozie

Koozies can be found everywhere today, especially at venues and settings where beer is popular. You may refer it to as “cozy” “beer jacket” or “drink sleeve” but one thing is for sure: koozies are convenient and practical. They are easy to slip into your bag for a day out, not taking up much space. To this end, businesses love using koozies as marketing merchandise and chances are, you even have one or two promotional koozies in your collection!

Despite the widespread use and love of koozies, one thing most people cannot agree on is how the koozie came about. Although we may never know for sure, there are several theories going around about the history of the koozie. We outline these for you in this article.

British Tradition

One story that surrounds the origin of koozies lies in British tradition. Knitted koozies for tea kettles aim to keep the cold out, keeping tea warm for longer. It is from this koozie that the beer koozie is said to take its inspiration: instead of keeping the cold out, it would keep the cold in.

Australian Surfer Culture

Another tale that goes around regarding the koozie’s origin is that a beta version was created in Australia and became commonly used by surfers. Although there is no way of knowing if the koozie we use today originated from this phenomenon, koozies are still known as “stubby holders” in Australia!

Radio Cap Corporation (RCC) Trademark

Regardless of where the koozie traces its humble origins from, the RCC trademarked the term “koozie” in 1980. Amongst the first koozies produced by the RCC were ones cylindrical in shape and made of foam, however they tended to be quite rigid. A decade or so later, soften foam and neoprene koozies started becoming more popular, and are closer to the version we know and use today. However, there proved to be some limitations with these koozies, in that they could not fit every single can or bottle. To this end, koozies made of flexible material that could “hug” your drink were invented as well.

Ever since RCC’s trademark on the term “koozie” lapsed in 2001, there has been an ongoing legal battle over the right to use the name “koozie”. Alternative spellings include koozee, cozy, cozee and more.

University of Washington Study

Koozies attracted academic and scientific attention in 2013 when a group of scientists from the University of Washington decided to conduct an experiment around how they work. This study attracted funding from the National Science Foundation and National Center for Atmospheric Research. The result? Koozies have been proved to keep your drink cold for longer by preventing condensation from happening.

Get Customized Koozies for Your Brand or Event

Despite the mystical origins of koozies, one thing we can all agree on today is that they make great promotional gifts and party favors. If you are looking to customize koozies for your brand or event, look no further than that Koozee Crazee. We are able to create a design for you based on your unique needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

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Who Can Use Customized Koozies?

Koozies are popular as giveaway items for many reasons: not only are they lightweight and practical, they are budget friendly as well. If you are working within a budget but would still like to leave an impression, koozies are the way to go. You may be thinking that only brands and businesses make use of customized koozies, however, that is not true. Read on to find out more about who can use customized koozies.

Weddings and Events

Looking for a cool yet affordable keepsake to give out at your wedding? A koozie with your initials and the date printed on it will leave a deep impact. What’s more, guests can use it immediately: there are sure to be plenty of drinks going around on your big day!

Hotels and Resorts

Giving away koozies with your establishment’s name and contact details on it can be a great marketing tactic. Either as a welcome gift or as souvenirs in your gift shop, guests can make good use of your koozies when lounging poolside, drink in hand. In addition, if they wish to recommend your establishment to friends or family, all they have to do is show them the koozie.

Restaurants and Bars

Are you hosting your restaurant’s or bar’s grand opening soon? If so, why not give away customized koozies? Customers can use them on the spot when they order drinks, and it also serves as a great promotional tactic when they use them elsewhere.

Sports Teams

Cold drinks are a welcome refresher during those hot summer days. Your sports team will have an instant use for custom koozies and you can even foster team spirit with your team’s name and logo printed on it.

Boats and Cruises

What do most people do when they have some idle time on a boat or cruise? That’s right: drink! Get customized koozies to accompany your cooler of cold drinks and give them out to your passengers. Everyone appreciates a cold drink on a hot day and with koozies, your drinks can stay colder for even longer.

Fundraisers and Auctions

Hosting a fundraiser for a cause you care about? Use customized koozies to promote your event. Some ideas include giving them away for each raffle ticket sold or as part of a larger gift basket.

Golf and Sporting Courses

Do you own a golf course where customers can pay to play? Keep your customers refreshed with a selection of cold drinks and koozies to keep them cold for longer. As a bonus, when they use your koozie outside of your premises, it’s akin to free advertising!

Get Customized Koozies for Your Business or Event

Are you convinced that giving away customized koozies will make sense for your business or event? If so, look no further than that Koozee Crazee. We are able to create a design for you based on your unique needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

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Personalized Products Are The New Trend

You may have noticed a proliferation of personalized products being given out by businesses in recent years. From the more ubiquitous tote bags and T-shirts to coffee cups and koozies, there seems to be no end to the kinds of products that can be personalized. You may be wondering, is this trend here to stay? Why has it become so popular? In this article, we list out some reasons why personalized products have become the new trend not just in marketing, but as wedding and party favors, for instance.

Increased Affordability

Besides the increased spending power of individuals and businesses, advances in technology has meant that it is now relatively cost-effective to produce personalized products. Gone are the days where you had to head down to your local printer to get a quote for personalized T-shirts. Today, there are many companies offering this service online at increasingly affordable rates in keeping with demand. When the price difference is meager and you have the choice between giving away a generic product and one with your brand’s name or wedding date printed on it, which do you go for? We believe this question answers itself.

Ease of Ordering

Besides having to head down to your local print shop in the past, chances are you or someone on your team had to hand draw the design yourself. That can be a problem for those of us who are not artistically inclined, yet still want a design that will look good and leave an impression. Today, many e-commerce retailers that offer personalized printing services give customers the choice of paying to have a design created for them. Either that, or they provide easy to use templates with a wide range of fonts and graphics to make the design process simpler. With so many options to assist in creating an impressionable design, there is really no reason not to go for personalized products over generic ones.

Leave A Lasting Impression

Needless to say, personalized products leave a more lasting impression than generic ones. Brands and businesses, naturally, aim to keep themselves fresh in customers’ minds when they give away personalized products. If you are designing one for your wedding or fundraiser, however, it can serve as a keepsake or memento. If you give away a plain colored koozie, your recipient may not even remember where they got it from years later. However, if you get your initials and the date of your wedding printed on it, they will call to mind your big day and the happy memories associated with it whenever they use it.

Get Personalized Koozies for Your Business or Event

Have we managed to convince you of the great advantages of getting personalized products? If so, start the process with Koozee Crazee now. We are able to customize koozies and coasters in a variety of materials, fits and colors. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.
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Why People Love Receiving Personalized Gifts

Are you considering whether to get personalized gifts for your brand or event? Are you debating whether it is worth the effort and expense, as opposed to just giving out generic products? At Koozee Crazee, we believe that the answer is always yes. Read on to find out why people love receiving personalized gifts from businesses and at events.

Showcases A Level of Thought

When receiving a gift at an event or as a customer, nobody wants to feel like there was no thought put into it. At the very least, a personalized gift shows that the gift was customized for the occasion. Whenever you have the choice between giving a plain product and one with your logo printed on it, always go for the latter. Not only does it leave a deeper impression in customers’ minds, it shows them that your brand is invested in its customers and cares about giving back to them.

Suits the Occasion

Regardless of whether you are hosting a product launch or a fundraiser, you may have trouble deciding on a suitable gift for your guests. Tote bags and T-shirts may seem too common, and while you want something unique and practical, you also have a budget to stick to. Here is where personalized gifts come in: you do not have to splash out or think too far out of the box to leave a great impression. With something small and practical like koozies, simply getting your brand’s or event’s logo printed on it automatically makes it suitable for the occasion.

Shows Your Appreciation

You want your guests and customers to feel appreciated and thank them for taking the time to attend your event or support your brand. For instance, if you are hosting a bachelorette party, you may be wondering what are the best favors to give your attendees. After all, they are not just any guests, but your nearest and dearest friends. Getting a personalized gift is sure to hit the spot and remind your friends of happy memories whenever they use it.

Makes A Personal Connection

Chances are, you want your guests or customers to feel engaged with your event or business. What better way to make a personal connection than with personalized gifts? When you give away something that is of use to the recipient, you are laying the foundation for a positive relationship which is not felt only by you but goes both ways. Do not underestimate the effect of a personalized gift – after all, everyone wants to feel valued, be it in a work or personal relationship.

Get Personalized Koozies for Your Business or Event

As we all know now, people love receiving personalized gifts for a myriad of reasons, whether you are connected to the recipient on a personal or business level. Get started with personalizing koozies for your guests and customers on Koozee Crazee now. We offer a wide range of customizable koozies and coasters in a variety of materials, fits and colors. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

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Why Product Customization Is Important For Sports Teams

Whether you play on a sports team or are a die-hard fan of one, you have already experienced the effects of product customization, which is extremely important in this industry. For instance, maybe you own a jersey with your favorite player’s number and name emblazoned on the back. Or do you regularly don a baseball cap in your team’s colors and their logo on the front? You may even have amassed other merchandise such as coffee cups and shoe bags over the years. If so, you already have a feel of why product customization is so important for sports teams. We share more with you in this article.

Helps Players and Fans Stand Out

When you are on the field, players can morph into one big blob from the viewpoint of spectators. What sets them apart is their jerseys and the names emblazoned on them. Similarly, to show that you support a team, people often deck out in their team’s colors when they attend matches. Why not take that one step further and use a koozie with your team’s logo printed on it?

Not only do they help you stand out and be identified as a fan instantly, they serve a practical purpose. When playing in or watching a match under the hot sun, you will thank your lucky stars for that cold drink you are holding, and for that koozie which helps to keep it cool for longer.

Spread the Love Further Afield

For many sports players and fans, donning their team colors is about allegiance and belonging. While jerseys and caps can be found and bought more ubiquitously, you may want something with a more personal touch that you can see and use daily. To this end, many sports team offer official merchandise such as tote bags, pencil cases and more. Why not consider customized koozies if you are looking for merchandise ideas for your local sports team? As koozies are extremely lightweight and portable, they may even help to spread the love for your team across your town, city, state and further afield.

Fosters A Sense of Belonging

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting moments of being part of a sports team is receiving your kit. What if that kit consisted of a comprehensive set of items, including bottles and koozies? After all, every player needs to keep hydrated. With a set of customized koozies, not only does your team display a sense of unity to onlookers, it makes your bottles easily identifiable on the field.

Get Personalized Koozies for Your Sports Team

Have we convinced you that product customization is of the utmost importance for sports teams? If so, get started customizing with Koozee Crazee now. We offer a wide range of customizable koozies and coasters in a variety of materials, fits and colors. If you would like a design created for you by our team, simply get in touch with your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

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