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5 Best Divorce Gift Ideas To Show Your Sympathy

Getting divorce is hard. It's an emotionally draining and stressful process, made even more difficult because many other life changes usually accompany it. If you have a friend going through a divorce, you might wonder how you can help them through this tough time. One way you can show your support is by giving them a gift. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Subscription to a Self-Care Service
Often, people going through a divorce need to learn how to take care of themselves again. A subscription to a self-care service like HelloFresh or ClassPass can help them do that. By taking care of themselves, they'll be in a better position to deal with the stress of their divorce.

Gift Certificate to a Spa
If your friend loves to be pampered, a gift certificate to their favorite spa is the perfect way to show them you care. Whether they just need some time to relax and unwind or are looking for ways to help reduce stress, a day at the spa will surely put a smile on their face. Plus, with so many different spa treatments to choose from, your friend will be able to find the perfect way to decompress and feel refreshed. So if you're looking for a way to show your support during this difficult time, a spa day may be the ticket.

Make a Donation in Their Name
If your friend is the type who prefers not to receive material gifts, consider donating in their name to their favorite charity instead. This will give them warm fuzzies and remind them that there are still good people in the world.

Something Sentimental
One way to help a friend going through a divorce is to give them a sentimental gift. Something like a photo album or a handwritten letter can help to remind them of the good times they've had together. It can also remind them that they're not alone in this challenging time. Divorces can be very isolating, so anything that helps your friend feel connected to others can be a valuable gift.

Personalized Koozie®
Consider giving them a
personalized Koozie® if you're looking for a thoughtful and unique way to show your sympathy. Koozie® is great for keeping cans and bottles cold, and you may also choose from different templates for Koozie® foam cans. They're a practical and fun gift that will remind your friend or relative that you're thinking of them during this challenging time. Plus, they'll be able to use the Koozie® every time they crack open a cold one, which is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Divorce is often accompanied by many negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, and anxiety. This can be a difficult time for both parties involved. If you know someone going through this tough time, consider one of these gifts to show your support. If you're unsure what your friend might appreciate, just ask - they'll be sure to let you know.

Finally, try to get your friend to stay positive and focus on the future. Remember that this is just a phase in their life that will eventually end. They will emerge from divorce stronger than ever with the right support system.

November 10, 2022 — josh mcintosh

4 Funny Divorce Jokes To Help You Heal And Move On

Divorce is always a difficult and stressful process, regardless of the circumstances. However, there are some steps that can make it easier to manage. First and foremost, it is important to seek professional help. A lawyer can assist with the legal aspects of divorce, while a therapist can provide support and guidance through the emotional process. It is also important to be proactive in communicating with your ex-spouse.

In the midst of all this, it can be easy to forget that laughter is also a valuable emotion. Laughter can help to relieve stress, boost your mood, and even improve your physical health. And while it may not solve all your problems, laughter can certainly help you to cope with the challenges of divorce.

Although the reasons for divorce are myriad, they can often be boiled down to two simple factors: communication and commitment. When a married couple can no longer effectively communicate with one another, it can lead to feelings of simmering resentment and ultimately to a total breakdown in the relationship.

Furthermore, even if a couple is able to navigate rough patches in their relationship successfully, a lack of commitment can still lead to divorce. When one or both partners are unwilling to put in the time and effort required to maintain a healthy marriage, it can create an atmosphere of disconnection and frustration. In the end, these factors often contribute to a decision to go through with the divorce.

If you're going through a divorce, or if you know someone who is, here are three funny divorce jokes to help you heal and move on. You may not feel like laughing at the moment, but it can be a powerful tool for getting through tough times.

Joke #1: How many divorced women does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Who knows? We're too busy bitching about our exes to care about changing light bulbs.

Joke #2: What's the best way to describe a divorced man's head? A $100 bill with only two tic marks on it.

Joke #3: What do you call a woman who has lost 95% of her intelligence? Divorced!

Joke #4: Why did the chicken go through divorce? Because she wanted custody of the drumsticks!

If you're looking for a light-hearted way to deal with your divorce, why not try designing your own keepsakes with funny divorce jokes? A Koozie® foam can that says “Straight Outta Marriage” can be a good way to embody that intention too.

Jokes can help you see the lighter side of things and can be a great way to release some of the pent-up stress and emotions you may be feeling. Plus, they'll definitely help you heal and move on from your divorce.

Additionally, shared laughter can help create a sense of connection and closeness, even amid conflict. So next time you feel overwhelmed by the divorce process, try to find some humor in the situation. It might just be the best medicine.

Divorce can be an opportunity for growth and change, and by taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally, you can emerge from this difficult time stronger than ever before. Remember, there are plenty of other fish in the sea!

November 10, 2022 — josh mcintosh

4 Funny Divorce Gifts For Women To Cheer Her Up

Divorce is tough on everyone, but it may be especially difficult for women. In addition to the emotional upheaval of ending a marriage, women must often contend with the financial and practical challenges of setting up a new household. Women who have been stay-at-home mothers may start from scratch in their careers, while those who work may need to find child care or adjust their work schedule.

In either case, divorce can significantly disrupt a woman's life. Additionally, women often face greater obstacles than men regarding child custody and visitation rights. The divorce process can be long and stressful, but with the support of family and friends, women can get through it and emerge stronger and more independent than before.

If you know someone who is going through a divorce, one way to cheer them up is by getting them a funny gift. Here are four funny divorce gifts for women that will make them laugh and help them get through this tough time.

A "Divorce Kit"
This "divorce kit" comes with all the essentials that a woman going through a divorce will need, like tissues, chocolate, wine, and popcorn. It's a great way to show her that you're thinking of her and want to help her get through this tough time.

A T-Shirt that Says "Divorced and Fabulous"
This t-shirt is perfect for a woman who is ready to embrace her newly single status. It's a great way to show her that she's still fabulous, even after getting divorced. Plus, it's a shirt that she can wear in public and start new conversations with other divorced women.

A Set of "DivorceME" Mugs
These mugs are perfect for the woman who needs a good laugh (and a cup of coffee) in the morning. They're also great for when she has friends over for coffee or tea and wants to commiserate about the divorce process.

A "Divorce Party"
Hosting a divorce party is the perfect gift for your friend who wants to celebrate her newly single status with a bang. It's a great way to show her that you support her decision to get divorced and want to help her celebrate this new chapter in her life.

A divorce party is a celebration of the end of a marriage. It is an opportunity to put the past behind you and start fresh. Remember to include some keepsakes for your guests when planning a divorce party. You can even design your keepsakes if you want to. Divorce parties are becoming increasingly popular, so make sure to include some fun and unique elements like custom keepsakes. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you'll create some great memories in the process.

Though divorce is often seen as a somber event, there are opportunities to add levity and cheer your friend up during this tough time. If you know someone who is going through a divorce, consider getting them a funny gift to remind them that they still have people in their life who care about them and want to make them laugh. A little bit of laughter can go a long way toward making the divorce process just a little bit easier.

November 10, 2022 — josh mcintosh

4 Reasons Custom Cup Coolers Make Excellent Divorce Gifts

If you have a friend who is going through or just went through a divorce, you might be wondering what you can do for them. Naturally, it can depend on how they are handling this latest development. Some people are devastated, they can't imagine what happened, they feel sad that they're going to miss their ex, etc. They don't ever want to get married again, ever, ever, ever. They are heartbroken and ruined.

Other people feel like they are free at last! They can breathe again. They can date again. You might be considering which divorce gifts would be appropriate for your friend right about now.

Regardless of how your friend is handling the divorce, it would be nice to give them a little something – either to make them feel better or to celebrate. Something that no home, RV, picnic basket, home bar, etc., should ever be without is a collection of can coolers.

In fact, these make great gifts. Maybe your friend would like a set of can coolers. Here are some reasons why giving can coolers as gifts is a great idea – whether it's for a divorce or something else.

Very Customizable

Including color, can coolers/holders can be customized in any number of ways. Pick out a clever saying, come up with your own, designate a special date, or even have a picture put on a can cooler. Your options are almost limitless!

Many Different Types

Okay, in addition to can coolers, you can also find bottle coolers or covers. Both come in a variety of materials, and some have different styles in which they are available. For example, some can holders have a top that screws on so it's an honest-to-goodness cooler that holds liquid on its own. Some are adaptable to both cans and bottles.

There are also wraps that don't have an actual bottom. They just wrap around the body of the can or bottle to help keep it a little cooler.

There's even a can holder that has a pop socket on it – similar to the one on the back of a phone that you slip your fingers around. It helps you hold onto your can of soda, juice, sparkling water, or beer.

A Reminder of Good Times

Most everyone has a collection of can coolers in their home. The fun part about going through these collections is the memories each of them triggers when you look at them. If your friend is happy about their divorce, you may want to put some type of celebratory message on the can cooler that boasts about their newfound freedom.

Perfect for the Holidays

In addition to coming in many colors and color schemes, can coolers can be specially customized for holiday celebrations. Give them as gifts or bring them out when you have people over for the holidays.

Shop Coldie Holdie When You Need a Divorce Gift

If you're throwing a big party, getting married, sponsoring a corporate event, need a divorce gift, or something along those lines, order a bunch of custom-made canned coolers today from Coldie Holdie.

We also carry apparel, coasters, announcements/invites, plastic cups, and more. Check us out!

September 21, 2022 — joshua mcintosh

Why Celebrate Divorce? We'll Give You 6 Reasons

Traditionally, divorce happens to be a non-essential topic in the community, meaning, not a lot of people want to talk about it. It is understandable knowing the pain that comes from it and every individual that is affected by the situation. As we move on to more modern perceptions of the world, to celebrate divorce is no longer a taboo. If you are in this process, and you want to move on from the hurt that you have been keeping inside you, yet you are torn by how others will react to it, it pays to know the reasons why celebrating one matters.

#1 – It Marks the End of a Challenge
Who would want to dwell on pain and hurt for a long time? Who would rather stay inside their rooms keeping all these emotions to themselves by now? There are days when you have been through that, but it is not a sin to say "I've done enough. I've been through hell. I deserve a life." Celebrating the divorce is a good way to put an end to your challenging situation.

#2 – It is Meant to Make You Happy
As long as you have considered who to invite to the party, with no one to gossip about the entire thing after, you are good to go. There is always an end to sadness, and when you throw a divorce party with games, food, drinks, and laughter, then you will already be starting a happier life. Scream, or shout whenever you feel like it, and who are they to judge?

#3 – It Can Be an Excuse to See People Close to You
During your married life, you were once under the control of the other party. You may have limited yourself to doing household chores, attending to errands, and being in your daily eight-hour job. That has become your routine all this time. If you throw a party after getting divorced, then you now have all the reason to meet people you have not seen for a long time, those that will truly support you with the endeavor.

#4 – It is a Reason to Eat Cake
This is one of the simplest reasons you may have in mind to celebrate the occasion. Eat as much cake as you want, and give in to the desires of your palate. You can order grand divorce cakes, just like those that you have had during your wedding day. You can choose from designs that go well with the party, or stick to simple concepts where words speak about your situation.

#5 – It is an Opportunity to Answer the Same Question
Even without you declaring you have been divorced, some people may have already heard of it from others. It can be tiring answering messages of concern, or even those that were sent just for mere gossip. If you host a party, you can give your answer right to their faces.

#6 – It Acts as an Assurance
The number of people responding to your invite will prove how many people are still there to love and take care of you, despite losing one. You want to be reassured that you are not alone, and this is the perfect time to do so.
When hosting a divorce party, remember to give some keepsakes to attendees. You can even design your own keepsakes if you want to.

August 29, 2022 — joshua mcintosh

What Can You Print Your Wedding Monograms On?

A wedding monogram is a popular element that the majority of couples choose to incorporate into their wedding invitation package. Wedding monograms can be used throughout the entire wedding like a logo to establish your wedding brand. They are highly versatile and can be used on almost every aspect of the wedding. Here are some of the ways that you can personalize your wedding through the use of monograms.

Wedding Invites

The obvious idea is to include wedding monograms on your invites. The monogram can be incorporated on its own or into a crest that can be positioned anywhere around the invites. You can choose to display it at the top of the invites or on your wedding itinerary card.

Envelope Liners

A custom monogrammed envelope liner adds a touch of flare regardless of whether your invites include a monogram. The envelope liner will be clearly visible right when your guests open up their invites to get a glimpse of your creativity.

Wedding Itinerary

Apart from your invitation package, you can also choose to display your wedding monogram on other paper goods that are presented to your guests like your wedding itinerary. Position it at the top of a classic program sheet or on the cover of the whole program booklet.

Cocktail Napkins

It is also fun to keep a consistent wedding branding by displaying your wedding monogram on cocktail napkins. This is a useful element of the wedding that your guests will not miss out on. Have the napkins handed out when cocktails are being served to really elevate your guests’ experience.

Frosted Cups

Frosted cups are another element that you can incorporate your wedding monogram into your wedding reception. The frosted cups will be more aesthetically pleasing as compared to presenting your guests with plain and empty frosted cups. Custom frosted cups are not just stunning but are just as practical.

Wedding Koozees

If your wedding serves canned or bottled drinks, print your wedding monogram on a wedding koozee. It protects your drinks to keep them cold for a much longer time. Koozees also create a protective layer that can prevent your bottled drinks from being smashed amidst all the fun and celebration. Your guests will have a more comfortable experience when holding their cold drinks.

Stir Sticks

You can incorporate your wedding monogram onto drink stir sticks. The space may be limited so you will have to decide on a design that best suits all the different elements of your wedding reception. These cute little stir sticks add an element of fun into your reception to spice up the cocktails that you serve.

Koozee Customization

To customize your wedding koozees, consult our professional designers to explore your options. Our process is straightforward yet highly thorough to enable you to achieve your design goals. We also offer plenty of design templates that you can refer to before incorporating your own ideas and concepts to add a personal touch. We are open to suggestions so rest assured that you will be able to get your design across through our guidance.
October 19, 2021 — SmartSites

What Are Some Popular Destination Wedding Favors?

Destination wedding favors are an ideal way to showcase your appreciation to your guests who have traveled a far distance and spent considerable costs to celebrate your big day. Most often than not, wedding favors just get left behind which is not something you would want to anticipate especially when you have spent some time coming up with the idea and quite a fortune ordering them. This is why we have put together a series of popular destination wedding favors that your guests are bound to appreciate and bring back home with them.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are one of the most popular wedding favors for guests and it comes with a good reason. Not only are welcome bags practical, but they also provide ample space for you to store some fun destination souvenirs that match the theme of your big day. If your wedding venue is in a tropical setting, you can include sun hats, sunscreen, water, and so on. The possibilities are endless and you can fully personalize your welcome bags to be as practical and personal as possible.

Welcome Letter and Itinerary

A welcome letter may be something simple but it is highly impactful. It can be added to your welcome bag where you can include your wedding itinerary. You can also add fun attractions that your guests can visit and offer some recommendations to popular dining spots and more to help them explore the area which some guests may not already be familiar with. A welcome letter adds a personal touch that you can add to your welcome bags to show your appreciation for their attendance.


If your big day is a beach wedding, you can present your guests with flip-flops. You can even customize them according to your wedding theme. You can imprint your initials and wedding date on the straps to add a personal touch for your guests to remember the event. Some guests may not have flip-flops with them as they may prefer to simply buy them at the wedding destination venue. However, with flip-flops offered to them as wedding favors, they will appreciate your efforts of saving them the hassle and cost.

Bottle or Can Sleeves

Bottle or can sleeves are also known as koozees. They are high in quality and can be personalized according to your wedding theme. You can choose to print your initials and wedding date on one side of the sleeves or on both to showcase your design ideas for a personal touch. Koozees are also great at keeping bottled and canned drinks cold which your guests can make use of right during the wedding itself. They will also appreciate the premium quality of our koozees and continue using them even at home. There are plenty of pre-printed wedding koozees for you to choose from or you can opt for custom can sleeves in the colors, styles, and sizes you prefer.

Regardless of your choice, always pick the right wedding favors that best match the theme of your big day. Wedding favors play an important role in the momentous affair and will forever be etched in the minds of your guests.
October 19, 2021 — SmartSites

The Advantages Of Using Custom Plastic Cups For Marketing

Custom plastic cups and cup sleeves are increasingly being used for marketing, but what actually makes them so ideal for this purpose? If you have been wondering how custom plastic cups and cup sleeves can help you with business exposure, there are some advantages of using them for marketing.

Low in Cost

Custom cups and cup sleeves can come as extremely cheap when compared to any other marketing tools. When purchased in bulk, they can even let you enjoy further savings without you being deprived of quality. Custom cups and cup sleeves are high in quality and can support prolonged and repeated use.

Custom Designs

Sometimes your marketing strategies may not be delivered directly to your target audience because your advertisements are not positioned at a place where they can easily take notice. With custom cups and cup sleeves, you are exposing your business right into your customer’s view. You can personalize your cups and cup sleeves to showcase your business slogan, logo, graphics, and more, to gain exposure for your business. When your customers reach out for a drink every other day, you get to further build on your professional reputation.

All Shapes and Sizes

There are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from when personalizing custom cups and cup sleeves. You can choose from cup sleeves that can fit bottled drinks, slim canned drinks, and regular canned drinks. You can also choose to print on one side of the cup sleeves or on both sides to maximize the printing space so you can showcase all the important aspects of your business.

Durable Quality

Reusable custom cups and cup sleeves are high in quality to offer your customers prolonged durability that supports repeated use. The more your customers make use of your custom cups, the greater the exposure you gain for your business. The quality that we offer in our cup sleeves is top-notch to ensure you get the most value for each order.

Creating Impact

Customers are highly visual individuals. The first step to winning them over is to come up with a striking design that showcases your brand in the best light. To create a buzz and make an impact on your business, consult our professional designers to derive the most thoughtful layout that can help to translate your design into a personal connection with your customers. Depending on your target audience, our designers can provide you with expert advice on the best design approach to let you optimize your design fully. Our designers know the most effective concept that can evoke a positive emotion and appeal to your customers on a personal level. This will get your customers to relate to your business and in turn, help to increase your sales.

Custom Cup and Cup Sleeves Advantages

With all these benefits of incorporating custom cups and cup sleeves as part of your marketing strategies, it is important that you use them to your company’s advantage. For your next corporate event, add flare to your marketing by collaborating with Koozee Crazee for premium-grade bottle and can koozees to get the most out of the experience.
October 19, 2021 — SmartSites

Reasons To Choose Plastic Cups Over Glass Cups

Plastic cups are a blessing in disguise. They are not just lightweight and comfortable to use but are equally durable to offer safety of use by people of all ages. They are commonly used for various events and celebrations like weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and others. Some people prefer using plastic cups over glass cups and below are some reasons why they are making this choice.

Saves Time

Plastic cups are often made available in the form of disposables. Thus, there is no cleaning up involved after usage. This helps event organizers save a lot of time as opposed to using glass cups that need to be washed at the end of the day. Event organizers are also able to save on manpower as they do not need to hire a dishwashing team.


When organizing a children’s party, many factors need to be taken into account. One of the most essential points is to ensure the safety of the children. By using plastic cups, the risk of the cups causing injury is greatly reduced to a bare minimum. Glass cups, on the other hand, are highly fragile, and shattered glass can cause injury. However, if your event requires the use of glass cups for that touch of elegance, make use of can koozees which can protect the glass from being smashed and keep your drinks cold for much longer.


Plastic cups are much cheaper than glass cups. They require cost-effective materials to manufacture, thus costing much lower than glass cups. The savings that you get to enjoy by buying plastic cups can be used for other essentials instead.


Plastic cups weigh much lesser than glass cups, thus being a much easier option to transport. It will require lesser manpower to deliver them and a smaller amount of space to store them.

Many Color Options

There is always a large variety of color options made available in stores when you choose plastic cups. This makes it so much easier to select the right color option to match the theme of the party or the style of the table setting.

Easily Accessible

Almost any store is bound to sell plastic cups. They are often sold in bulk as they are cheap to source for. Thus, you can easily get hold of a large number of plastic cups almost anywhere and even at the very last minute.

Making an Ideal Choice

Whichever type of cups that you prefer, be sure to always weigh in on the options that you have. If you prefer plastic cups, the abovementioned advantages are definitely worth sticking to your choice. However, if the event that you are organizing requires you to pick the glass cups, there are always durable and unique koozees available by the bulk at Koozee Crazee for all the protection you need!

October 19, 2021 — SmartSites

Benefits Of Using Personalized Plastic Cups For Your Event

Drinking from personalized plastic cups for any occasion can provide plenty of benefits. For companies, personalized plastic cups provide you with branding exposure which can be helpful during corporate events. Today, reusable personalized cups are gaining more traction in the community as people perceive them as a creative and unique gift idea that is ideal for any occasion. If you are thinking of customizing cups and cup sleeves, here are some reasons why you should indeed be going forward with your decision.

Sense of Appeal

Everybody enjoys taking a sip of their favorite beverages from a visually appealing cup. There are plenty of designs for you to choose from to match the personality of the individual to whom you are gifting the personalized cup. The designs are most often than not, made available in the forms of templates or can be fully customized according to your personal preferences. You will have ample of freedom to explore your options and let your creative juices flow. For branding exposure, select a design that best represents your business. Print logos, slogans, and graphics onto cups or cup sleeves and present them to the participants of your business event.


The landfills are gradually filling up to their brim with plastics. Making use of reusable cups can reduce the volume of wastes that we produce from using disposable plastic cups. You will be presented with a win-win situation as a business owner who gets to raise awareness regarding your firm while saving the earth from piling wastes. Investing in personalized cups and cup sleeves can help your business contribute towards efforts to make the earth a much greener place to live in.

Increasing Reputation

Reusable cups and cup sleeves can withstand the test of time. They can be reused repeatedly daily and that is also just how long your business will continue gaining free publicity. Your customers will be able to see the effort that you take in investing in high-quality products that do not just provide the comfort of use but are just as eco-friendly and cost-saving.

Maximizing Brand Exposure

Hydration is key for every individual regardless of the nature of our daily routine. The human body needs at least 11 to 15 cups of water daily to maintain optimal bodily functions. When you present your customers with personalized cups and cup sleeves, you are getting brand exposure each time your customer reaches out for a drink. This in turn provides you with the opportunity to maximize your brand exposure.

Creating Engagement

Personalized cups help to engage customers during a corporate event in a way that you cannot achieve through traditional marketing means. The personalized cups emphasize the importance of your business and its products and services to maintain constant exposure with your customers’ continued usage of the cups during the event. This will help to create brand resonance with your customers which can ultimately positively impact your marketing goals.

For personalized cup sleeves or better known as koozees, speak to our professional designers to help you incorporate your design ideas into your advertising strategies.

October 19, 2021 — SmartSites