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Are you a business owner thinking about fun and interesting ways to promote your brand? Or is your client on the lookout for an innovative way for people to know more about their business? If this is the case, you should definitely consider using promotional koozees to do so. Koozee Crazee offers customizable can sleeves that are an affordable option for promotional material. You can print company logos on it, or the company tagline on it to promote businesses and brands. This way, more people will get exposure to you or your client’s brand, and remember it every time they use the koozee to keep a drink cold.


Companies and businesses are always thinking of fun and innovative ways to promote themselves, and to increase their brand outreach. However, traditional advertising methods can be boring and expensive. When businesses make use of promotional koozees to promote themselves, people will be more open to receiving it as it is a practical and useful item. If the company logo or website is printed on the koozees, it may prompt people to check it out. With promotional koozees, more people will have the knowledge of the existence of this company, making them potential customers.


Businesses will always be on the lookout for ways to expand their outreach to the masses. Promotional koozees are an unconventional, yet innovative way to promote businesses. Distributing promotional koozees will definitely help businesses gain a lot of attention, as people are attracted to taking these koozees and putting them to practical use. Koozees are fantastic at keeping drinks cool, and many people who use these koozees will have the promotional material subconsciously ingrained in their minds with the usage of these koozees.

Furthermore, when people use these koozees, other people will also see them using it, and notice names of companies and brands printed on it. These koozees are made of a very durable material and can last a very long time. This means that these can sleeves can be used repeatedly.

Koozees are also affordable and will be able to fit into a tight advertising budget. Ordering these koozees in bulk will also mean even more cost savings, making it cost-effective to distribute promotional koozees in bulk. Our design team will also work hard to accommodate requests from you or your client, so that the end result is exactly how your client wants it to be. Promotional koozees are not only useful but will be able to expand the outreach of a brand by creating awareness amongst the public.


At Koozee Crazee, we recognize that creating can sleeves is a lot more- we are helping to create memories and to promote brands that deserve more recognition and outreach. Our design team can also take in special requests, such as to include the logo of a company or to make the koozee a certain color. Ready templates are also available on our site. Spend above $150 and we will deliver the koozees to you free of charge to an address within the United States.

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