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Graduation Koozee

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Custom Graduation Party Can & Bottle Coolers + koozie®

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Foam Can

56 Colors

Neoprene Can

41 Colors

Do you have a graduation ceremony to organize? If you are looking to include a special memento to be placed inside each goodie bag meant for graduates and their invitees, look no further than our koozees. We offer a wide variety of koozees that can be personalized to match the theme of your graduation ceremony. Simply select the different options which you can customize according to the design ideas you have in mind. A custom koozee is a great piece of token that will remind graduates of the beautiful memories created with friends and professors in school.

About Graduation

A graduation ceremony does not always have to be formal and serious. There can also be an element of fun to create a more enjoyable atmosphere. Graduations are to be celebrated! To commemorate the efforts put in by each graduate, gifting them with a creative souvenir is a great idea. Our koozees can reflect the exciting nature of a graduation ceremony with personalized designs and wordings. With affordable prices, every graduate can receive a koozee each along with their friends and family who are invited.

Why Get Custom Koozees for Graduation Events?

There are plenty of ideas for a memorable token for graduates during their graduation ceremony. The common idea is to print a card or a piece of apparel that shows the graduation details. In order to move away from the norm and get creative with the gifts, choose koozees for the graduate souvenirs.

Each koozee can be as unique as it can get or be customized in a batch. The main idea is to reflect the specific details of the graduation ceremony which will allow graduates to remember the occasion by. Apart from being a memento, a koozee can also be used during the ceremony itself. When the graduates have refreshments, koozees help to keep their drinks cool and their hands comfortable. The soft material and water-resistance of our koozees will definitely be appreciated.

Our koozees come in either foam or neoprene to remain supple and warm in your hands. Even so, our koozees remain durable which can be used over a prolonged period of time. The main purpose of gifting koozees to the graduates is to let them bring their gift home not just for keepsake but as a functional item that they can use at home. When they use their koozees daily, they are reminded of their amazing experience they had at school.

Why Order Graduation Koozees from Koozee Crazee?

If you are searching for great event favors that are affordable and reliable, Koozee Crazee offers custom koozees that are fit for any occasion. Send in your designs and our competent designers will personalize each koozee according to your ideas. For any other product inquiries, feel free to consult with our service-oriented support personnel who are ready to assist. If you are sending your orders to the continental U.S., we offer free shipping for orders over $150 at an expedited rate. Order memorable gifts for your graduation ceremony today which are bound to create a lasting impression on the graduates.

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